Costa Rica


100% Arabica and Freshly roasted

A smooth coffee with a good body, sweet aroma and a slightl acidity with fruity and floral flavor.

Good to know that most of the 768 members work on the farms with their families. The area hires large numbers of indigenous natives from Panama (Chiriquí group) during the coffee harvest (there can be up to 5000 pickers). Social responsibility: CoopeDota is involved in health and education projects for the cooperative members. There is also a Spanish teaching program for the Panamanian native coffee pickers.

Arabica variety: Caturra, Catuai Washed
Screen size: 100% screen 16up
Defect count: 8 def/300gr

You can choose between 250 grams, 1 kg or a box of 6 kg of coffee.

For a 6 kg box we offer you our B2B price 136.5€/6kg incl. VAT!

If you have a VAT number you can insert it at check-out and you’ll receive an invoice.



Bag of 250gr, Bag of 1kg, 6 bags of 1kg


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