Fennel Seeds



Whole seeds

Fennel seeds has a subtle anise flavor; a sweet fruity taste with the aroma of licorice.

Crush the seeds with a mortar.

Brewing instructions:

weight per liter: 15-20g/l

infuse time: 5-10 min

temperature: 100°C


Be surprised by fennel tea. Fennel has many good health properties. Fennel tea, for example, aids digestion, reduces flatulence and helps with gingivitis and sore throats. In addition, fennel tea is said to have a diuretic effect and has a calming effect on the stomach. In addition, fennel helps with menstrual disorders, menopausal complaints and stimulates milk production during breastfeeding. Furthermore, chewing on fennel seeds suppresses the feeling of hunger and refreshes the breath.


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