Nivona NICG130


The art of grinding coffee beans: CafeGrano
Particularly precious roasted beans also need to be properly ground. Whether you need to grind for a filter machine, espresso pot or make coffee by hand – the Cafegrano finds the right settings and gets the best out of the beans.

You can set the length of the grinding yourself. In short: With this grinder you can produce delicious freshly ground coffee. Which thereby reveals its entire aroma and full taste.

Swiss precision
Coffee grinders come in various sizes and types, with different grinding methods that use different materials.

Percussion knives or burrs – conical or flat, ceramic or stainless steel, all with their own pros and cons.

Blades or disks Traditional coffee grinders have blades that chop the coffee beans into pieces. Fine for filter coffee, but not for espresso. For espresso it is important that the grind is fine and constant. You have to grind the beans here between 2 grinding discs.

Conical or flat burrs Conical, or cone-shaped, burrs are said to be less hot during grinding and are therefore better for the beans. But on the other hand, others say that flat burrs give a more consistent grind.

It is difficult to say which material and which shape are the best. But regardless of the material and the shape, the distance between the grinding discs can always be set and that is how you determine the fineness of the grind. With different machines this can be done in steps, with others continuously. The latter is of course more accurate.

The NIVONA CafeGrano grinds your coffee beans with the precision of a Swiss timepiece. The stainless steel grinder ensures perfect grinding every time. From fine to coarse, infinitely adjustable. With the timer you can easily choose the duration and therefore the amount of coffee to be ground. You can easily remove the receptacle to use the ground coffee. Because the top grinding disc is removable, the grinder is easy to keep clean.

Plastic housing, metallic look
Infinitely adjustable fineness of the grind (extra fine to coarse)
Infinitely adjustable amount of coffee or duration.
Removable transparent bean container for 200 grams of coffee
High-quality conical grinder, stainless steel
Cord storage system
230 Volt, 100 Watt.


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