Nivona NICR960


State of the Art Coffee Making

Nobody can see the future. But they can taste it – with every cup of coffee from our 9 series of fully automatic machines.

  • Very large 5” touch display, new operating concept for more convenience
  • Especially quiet grinder, superior to virtually every fully automatic co ffee machine currently on the market
  • Barista settings for the new varieties of NIVONA coffee thanks to Aroma Pre-Select
  • OneTouch Spumatore Duo for two cups of cappuccino at the same time via touch display
  • Aroma Balance System: Three aroma profiles for a maximum of aroma and precisely defined extraction
  • MY COFFEE for up to 9 beverages
  • Live programming of all recipes
  • Integrated Bluetooth for app use
  • Water tank with 2,2 l capacity, extra large bean container (270 gr)
  • Water tank lighting in eight colours
  • Removable brewing unit for easy and hygienic cleaning
  • Direct dispension of all beverages, Cappuccino Connaisseur
  • 4-level coffee temperature thanks to MCS valve
  • Two-coloured cup illumination for an extra aesthetic appeal
  • Coffee strength adjustable in 5 stages, hot water function with four levels
  • ECO mode and zero watt energysaving off switch
  • Hygienic care programmes for cleaning, descaling and rinsing at the touch of a button
  • Up to 14 cm height-adjustable coffee outlet, holder for milkhose on coffee outlet
  • Automatic level monitoring for water and coffee beans, degree of grinding individually adjustable
  • Aroma protection lid, easy to move with rear rollers
  • Extra coffee powder compartment, Aromatica System with 15 bar pump pressure
  • Including CLARIS fresh water filter, cleaning tablets, milk hose and measuring spoon and transparent milkcontainer (1 l)


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