Solis Barista Gran Gusto Pistonmachine + Scala Plus


Top bundle Solis Barista Grand Gusto and Solis Scala Plus

An espresso machine together with a coffee bean grinder


Solis Barista Grand Gusto Type 1014
Espresso machine with programmable cup size, hot water and steam function and sturdy professional filter holder for 58mm filter elements.

Solis Scala Plus
The SOLIS Scala is an aroma preserving bean mole with a bean hopper for 250 grams of coffee beans. Due to the double gear reduction and a speed of over 420 revolutions per minute (instead of the usual 800 or more), the aroma is optimally preserved. The SOLIS Scala bean grinder has 15 different grinding fineness settings on a fine – medium – coarse scale. For espresso machines, the beans are usually finely ground while for filter coffee machines, medium is often used. With the rotary switch (timer) you determine the number of servings of coffee. The ground coffee is collected in a reservoir.

The SOLIS Scala also has a protection mechanism for stones that can get stuck between the coffee beans to prevent damage to the machine. The bean hopper and the grinding ring can also be easily cleaned as separate parts.


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