Solis Barista Gran Gusto


Discover the barista in you with the Solis Barista Gran Gusto. With this powerful semi-automatic espresso machine with hot water and steam function you are assured of the best espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato or a cup of tea.

From freshly roasted coffee beans to perfect espresso
You can really use any desired coffee bean with this machine to make the perfect espresso. Preferably freshly roasted beans, because these beans retain the most flavor aromas. Using a bean grinder (not included), the beans are finely ground into coffee powder in the filter holder. With the precision tool “the Razor” you can remove any excess coffee powder so that your coffee is dosed perfectly for optimal extraction. Then press the coffee with the removable tamper and place the filter holder in the actively heated brew group. All that remains is to select the desired number of cups. The machine can brew one or two cups at a time and the cup size is also adjustable.

Coffee and more
The Barista Gran Gusto has the low pressure pre-calculating function. This means that the freshly ground coffee is first gently moistened so that it can expand without problems for even extraction. This process releases the flavor aromas in the coffee bean as optimally as possible. The high-capacity pump with 15 bar ensures that your espresso is ready in just one minute. With the steam function of this espresso machine, you can easily make “micro milk foam”, which is required for various coffee specialties such as caffé latte or cappuccino. With the hot water function you can easily brew an Americano, Longblack or a trusted tea – The Barista Gran Gusto is suitable for every application. Are you looking for a stylish and compact espresso machine that is easy to use and makes delicious drinks? Then the Solis Barista Grand Gusto is the perfect machine for you!

Professional high pressure pump
The high-pressure pump of 15 bar forces the water through the filter holder, so you can enjoy your espresso within 1 minute.


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