SOLIS Coffee Podium Black


The Solis Coffee Podium is a handy accessory for preparing a perfect espresso.

The benefits of the Koffie Podium:
No loss of temperature of the coffee
Less splashes
Made of high quality silicone
Easy to clean


The coffee stage is 14 x 2 x 9 cm

The perfect espresso
Are you a real coffee lover and would you like to serve the perfect espresso? Then everything has to go well: you have to have the perfect coffee bean, the perfect pressure and… you need a coffee stage. The coffee stage ensures that the cups are placed higher under the device. This creates less distance between the spout and the cup. This way, the coffee loses less heat before it ends up in the cup. Temperature is an important aspect in making a perfect espresso. The Solis Coffee Podium therefore contributes to the perfect espresso. In addition, the stage is made of sturdy silicone. So it stays perfectly in place while preparing a delicious espresso.


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