SOLIS Cremalatte Milkfrother


With this milk frother, every espresso turns into a creamy coffee specialty. The SOLIS Cremalatte is equipped with a detachable glass jug, five operating modes and a housing made of high-quality stainless steel.

SOLIS Cremalatte: Good for all coffee specialties

This SOLIS milk frother really comes in handy at any time. You can enjoy a delicious latte macchiato in the spring, a creamy iced coffee in the summer and a steaming hot chocolate (with whipped cream!) In the autumn. And that cappuccino you like to order out of the house? From now on, this will be the tasteful interpretation of your daily coffee break or end of your dinner. Become a true barista and, thanks to this multifunctional milk frother, surprise not only yourself, but also your guests with the most diverse coffee specialties.


Multifunctional milk frother

The SOLIS Cremalatte has a detachable and heat-resistant glass jug with a capacity for 350 milliliters of milk. You operate the milk frother via the user-friendly sensor button and handy LED function control lights on the front of the device. After use, you can easily clean the jug in the top part of the dishwasher. Thanks to the five different operating modes, and the included whisk and stirring disc, you can stir and / or froth both hot and cold drinks. Cold frothed milk comes in handy, for example, when making a cooling iced coffee. The milk frother also has an automatic switch-off and an overheating protection. As with all SOLIS products, the housing of the SOLIS Cremalatte is also made of high-quality material, namely stainless steel.


Storage option in housing

Do you want to store the milk frother in a kitchen or hall cupboard after use? In the housing of the device there is a handy storage space at the bottom for accessories, such as the aforementioned whisk and stirring disk, and the power cord. However, you hardly get a chance to store the device. As soon as you discover the versatile possibilities, the SOLIS Cremalatte becomes part of your daily routine.


From now on, enjoy the most delicious cappuccinos, latte macchiatos and chocolate milk at home not only in your favorite catering establishment, but also at home. Double enjoyment and yet so simple.

Detachable jug

This appliance has a detachable jug with a heat-resistant glass jug.




Suitable for the dishwasher

The glass jug is suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher in the upper basket.





With handy sensor button

This device is easy to operate thanks to the user-friendly sensor control




Frothing up

With the whisk for frothing, you can make delicious milk foam for your coffee.





With the stirring disc you can easily stir, for example to make chocolate milk.




For hot and cold

There are different operating modes, allowing you to stir or froth both cold and hot drinks.



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