Solis Coffee Grinder Eureka Mignon Manuale steel


An robust and quality coffee grinder

Product Description
The Solis Eureka Mignon Grinder  is a high-quality coffee grinder that should not be missing in your kitchen. This coffee grinder has a spacious bean hopper: you can store up to 300 grams of coffee beans in it.

The benefits of the Solis Eureka Mignon Grinder
+ Large bean container
+ Universal portafilter support
+ Set your grinding degree yourself
+ User-friendly

Good to know
– Does not have an LCD display

Universal portafilter support
The Solis Eureka Mignon Grinder has universal portafilter support: with this device you can always fill your portafilter for a perfect cup of espresso, coffee or other coffee variation. You can enjoy your coffee sensation in a simple and fast way.

Choose the grinding degree for a perfect cup of coffee
You can set the grinding degree of the coffee yourself. Turn the knob clockwise for more finely ground coffee and turn anti-clockwise for a coarser grind. This way you can set the perfect grinding degree for you and you can optimally enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

Easy to use
Place the filter holder on the fork and push it forward until it contacts the button, then the coffee grinding will start and the coffee from the spout will flow into the filter. The coffee grinder has an on-demand grinding button. This means that you dose the ground coffee directly into your filter carrier with the grinder: there is therefore no storage container in which the coffee can be stored.



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