The Solis Grind & Infuse Compact 1018 is the espresso machine, coffee grinder, tea maker and milk frother that has everything to make the perfect cup of coffee. The compact coffee machine has a simple control panel and pressure gauge for the perfect grinding degree.


A compact espresso machine that has all the functions for your perfect coffee. Includes built-in bean grinder & milk frother / hot water regulator. The integrated 11-level grinder puts everything into action for the perfect crema and flavor.

All in one

The Solis Grind & Infuse Compact is the espresso machine that has everything needed for the perfect espresso. With the built-in pressure gauge for optimal extraction control. The espresso pressure indicator ensures that the optimum pressure is set. The value is the pressure with which the water is forced through the ground coffee, a process that takes place in the filter holder. The thick and even layer of fine, gold-colored créma shows immediately that the coffee has been perfectly prepared. The machine has a spacious bean grinder with a capacity of 220 grams, which is 30 cups of coffee!


Compact machine

The semi-automatic espresso machine has a compact size and a Hi-Tech design, making it suitable for any kitchen! The steam / hot water nozzle with foam head of your Solis Grind & Infuse Compact espresso machine turns fresh, cold milk into creamy, warm milk foam to make a delicious cappuccino or latte.

With the steam / hot water wand and the steam function you can also heat drinks or water, for example to prepare hot chocolate.


Pre-brew function

The unique low-pressure pre-brew function moistens the coffee so that all aromas are released as optimally as possible and you experience an intense taste experience.

The high-pressure pump of 15 bar and the electronic temperature stabilization (PID method) then ensures a perfect cup of coffee at 93 degrees. The semi-automatic espresso machine is ready to use in 90 seconds with automatic brew head rinse. The machine also switches itself off automatically after 30 minutes.

Solis water filter

The integrated water filter in the water tank reduces the lime content and ensures the best coffee quality.







Pressure indicator (pressure gauge)

Built-in pressure gauge for optimal extraction control, to gain more control over your cup of coffee.







Programmable amount of coffee

You can program the amount of coffee for one or two cups by means of the buttons.







Beans, pre-ground coffee and pads

Single wall filter element, double wall filter element and filter for compact 44 mm pods.







Integrated grinder

Use the rotary wheel to set the grinding degree of the coffee beans. The grinding degree has a decisive influence on the taste and crema of the espresso.







Steam / hot water regulator

Swiveling steam / hot water nozzle with thermo-insulated handle and removable foam head.







  • POWER 1600 W
  • SETTINGS / SETTINGS 11 grinding degree settings
  • DIMENSIONS 28 x 39 x 30 cm
  • WEIGHT 7.6 kg
  • CONTENT (FILLING CAPACITY) 2.5 liter water tank and 220 gram bean container


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