Solis Vario Temp Kettle


Electric kettle with different temperatures and a keep warm function.

The Solis Vario Temp Kettle is a stainless steel kettle that can be set to different temperatures and has a keep warm function.

This stylishly designed kettle is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 1.7 liters (7 cups of tea). The water level can be easily read through the illuminated window and the large opening makes it easy to refill and clean the kettle. The kettle also has a removable scale filter.

The electric boiler is easy to use and can be set to four different temperature settings, namely 70 ° C, 80 ° C, 90 ° C and 100 ° C. As soon as the water in the kettle has reached the set temperature, it emits an acoustic signal. After the desired temperature has been reached, the appliance can keep the water at the same temperature for up to 2 hours using the keep warm function. Ideal for the real tea lover. Each tea type requires a different temperature. By means of the four temperature settings you always choose the right temperature for the optimal taste for different types of tea.

– 70 ° C blue (green tea)
– 80 ° C green (white tea)
– 90 ° C purple (coffee)
– 100 ° C red (black tea)

Are you looking for a stylish, simple and smart kettle? Then the Solis Vario Temp Kettle is for you!


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